Gorgeous inside and out

Gorgeous inside and out

All of our clothes are proudly modelled by our very own Gorgeous Ladies On Wheels. Clothes pictured are owned and loved by the models.

GLOW Gorgeous Ladies On Wheels is a social motorcycle group for ladies. GLOW offers ladies of all backgrounds and skill levels the opportunity to meet and ride with other like-minded ladies in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. GLOW rides range from simple and learner-focussed to more spirited or long distance, allowing the group to cater for all rider types and skill levels.

GLOW is not a formal club and does not observe formalities like memberships and fees, and is instead run primarily as a Facebook group where ladies can join free-of-charge and participate in the group’s events. Management of the group is performed by a team of administrators, ensuring that decisions are made fairly and with consideration of members.

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